As a self-confessed personal development junkie, I’ve trained and deepened my self-knowledge for the past 30+ years.

As a teen I learned to spend time alone due to illness… but the benefits became a deep love of learning, digging deeper and appreciating time to improve my artistic talents.

When in 2009 health led to taking time out of a
successful career I fell back into my love of creating art, personal development and empowerment of women; understanding my own limiting beliefs along the way.

I love my job; interpreting the world around us, emotions, colours of nature, a moment in time,
which I believe so many miss as they go about life in a rush. This makes me sad - and I want to enhance lives.

I love capturing it all. I'm so lucky to have studied with oil painters, acrylic painters, artists with businesses and wonderful mentors over the past few years.

I’ve sketched, splattered and sanded my way to an ever expanding happy place in my work. I’m a perpetual learner. It’s crucial to me to keep pushing myself and my boundaries to get better.

My goal is to express experiences in colour, vibrancy and movement. Improving, hopefully, always. I’ve moved gradually from semi-abstract floral and still-life painting to abstracts, wild and free. It’s my wish you can feel the love in every piece, always simmering beneath whatever emotion I’m trying to express.

I work from my garden studio in the beautiful county of Wiltshire, South West England. 

Having worked with oil paints for years, I have been experimenting with acrylic and mixed media which gives me a flexibility in my practice.

Although I only take on a couple of commissions in any given year, please do talk to me if you think you may want something painted just for you.

When I'm not painting I co-host the artchatter podcast with fellow West Country artist, Karen George.

We have been sharing the ups and downs of life in our studios in 2021 - find us anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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WE dream ABOUT...

creating MOMENTS OF joy.